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Men, Food and the Dreaded “M” Word

February 4th, 2021

Every man knows about them. Every man dreads getting them. Some go to great lengths to avoid seeing them. Others expect their arrival with the type of lifestyle choices being made. What is it? Man boobs. Typically they make an appearance in males between the ages of 40 and 50 years old. On occasion, that appearance comes a little earlier in life. There are teenage boys that see man boobs as a part of puberty. Thankfully, these disappear in plenty of time before love life damage is done.

More men however see the man boobs stay for the duration. This has a direct affect on self esteem. Not too many women find the presence of man boobs to be an attractive male feature. As if having man boobs were not enough, these are often accompanied by puffy and distorted nipples. All of these factors rolled into one serve a pretty good blow to the male ego.

It helps to understand some of the factors in a man’s life that could possibly be contributing to the presence of man boobs. One prominent cause factor lies in food selection. There are a number of foods that should be avoided whenever possible. By doing so, a man reduces his risk of developing man boobs.

Soy Products

Whether in bean or pure form, too much soy in a man can lead to problems later on down the road. Soy contains plant hormones that are known as phytoestrogens. These levels are not of a high enough concentration as to have estrogen related behavioral or psychological responses in the body. The plant hormone is enough to trick the body into thinking it is receiving estrogen on a regular basis. This read by the body of supposed estrogen presence leads to the natural development of breast tissue.

Another factor of soy is the high rate at which it allows the body to store fat. As the fat stores, small deposits begin to develop on breast and pectoral tissue. Ingested soy on a regular basis will lower the level of testosterone and raise the level of estrogen in a man’s body. This raised level of estrogen mixed with the high rate of fat storage leads to problems in men. Over time as the fat continues to build and estrogen rises, the development of man boobs occurs.


By nature, men are predominate meat eaters of society. This is a perfectly fine role to play in life, when kept to a sensible level. A large percentage of meat that makes its way onto the grocery store shelves come from farms that house meat cows. As these cows are being contained at the farms, they undergo a level of preparation to get ready to be slaughtered for meat products.

Part of this preparation process is being injected with female growth hormones. By the time the meat source reaches a man’s plate, it already contains a significant amount of estrogen hormone. When this is mixed with estrogen the man may have already been exposed to through the environmental toxins and other sources, the level of estrogen in his body is at high level. The body reads this high estrogen level and acts accordingly. In males, this presents itself through the presence of man boobs.


Potatoes are considered carbohydrates. Ask anyone who jumped on the Adkins Diet bandwagon and they will tell you that too many carbohydrates are a bad, bad thing. In order to properly consume carbohydrates without an adverse affect, a level of physical activity must be maintained. The thought process here is that a person must burn off more than their body ingests during a day. Men with regular diets of potatoes often do not have that high level of physical activity as an offset affect. Carbohydrates that are not burned turn into fat. Fat must be deposited somewhere and in men that somewhere very well could end up being man boobs.

Sweets and Sugars

Everyone loves a little piece of something sweet and sugary every once in awhile. Men are no exception to this. Be warned however that these food items taste so good in part because they are loaded with sugar and salt to provide that sweet, crave able taste. As with any other food source, too much of a good thing can turn bad. When sweet, sugary food is consumed in great amounts with little or no physical activity to burn it off, men run the risk of a fat deposit build up.


All food is good in moderation. Many of the things discussed here do not need to be cut out of a diet entirely. The key is for men to understand how these indulgences can trigger the unwanted presences of man boobs.